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For Shoppers - Style Concierge Service

Who will deliver my pieces?

Your pieces will be delivered by a member of our expert team of Style Concierges. Our Style Concierges are background checked and employed by Harper and trained alongside our brand partners to provide Harper’s signature service. They are experts in service and will make your experience smooth and stress-free.

How long do I have to try my pieces?

Your Style Concierge will arrive within your chosen one-hour window. You will have 40 minutes from the time of delivery to make your decisions. The average time spent inside a fitting room is 14 minutes so we find 40 minutes is a comfortable amount of time for most shoppers.

Is there any obligation to purchase?

No, there is no obligation to purchase. Our role is to make it easy for you to find the pieces you love, and return the ones you don't. We want you to feel confident and comfortable in your choices, without any pressure to buy. Plus, our Concierges are rewarded based on delivering excellent service, so you can trust that they have your best interests at heart.

Does the Style Concierge come into my home?

This depends on whether you choose a “to-the-door” or “through-the-door” service at checkout: 

  • Through-the-door: Your Style Concierge will accompany you to provide styling advice and assistance. Your Style Concierge typically waits in a different room whilst you try your pieces on and is on hand to offer a second opinion and suggestions when you need it.
  • To-the-door: Your Style Concierge will drop your pieces off and return after 40 minutes to take payment and collect any unwanted pieces. During this time they will be serving other customers locally.
When do I pay?

Payment is taken only for the pieces you decide to keep at the end of your appointment. We use a mobile iZettle card reader to process payments and can accept most cards and contactless payments. Payment is taken via a mobile iZettle card reader which accepts most cards and contactless payments. Learn more about accepted payment methods here

How many pieces can I try on?

There is no lower or upper limit to how many pieces you can try on with Harper. Some customers will try on just a couple of pieces to figure out their sizing. Others will try on upwards of 20 pieces as part of a seasonal wardrobe refresh. Feel free to try on as many pieces as you need to figure out your sizing and find the styles that work best for you. 

How much does the service cost?

The majority of the cost of the Harper service is covered by the retailer to help you find the pieces you love. Some retailers may charge a small service fee to help cover the cost of the service, but most customers find that the time saved finding the pieces they love without dealing with returns is well worth the fee.

Where is this service available?

We currently serve all 32 London boroughs and will be announcing further locations in the near future. Follow our announcements by joining our mailing list.

How do I amend my appointment?

Please contact Harper's customer service team by emailing or calling 0333 939 8123.

What can I do if I want to use Harper for a brand that doesn’t offer the service?

Unfortunately you can only use the Harper service for brands who have integrated the service. We appreciate it when customers recommend our service to new brands so please feel free to email your favourite brands to tell them about Harper!

For Shoppers - Try for 5 Days Service

Who is Harper?

Harper offers a convenient and stress-free shopping experience that allows you to see and feel your pieces before committing to a purchase, just like in a store. Our Try Before You Buy service enables you to try on pieces with your own wardrobe at home and only pay for the ones you decide to keep at the end of your try on period.

For customers in Greater London, we also offer a Concierge service, which involves a 40-minute at-home appointment with a brand-trained Style Concierge who can provide styling advice and support to help you find your perfect piece.

Learn more about Harper at

Will using the service affect my credit score?

No, using our service will not impact your credit score. There is no issuing of credit.

Are there any additional fees?

No, you will only pay a shipping fee upfront. After your try on period, you will be charged for the pieces that you decided to keep (those that have not been returned). There are no additional or hidden fees.

When does the try on period start?

Your try on period starts the day after you receive your complete order.

How long do I have to try on my pieces?

The length of your try on period is determined by the brand. During this period, you must try on your pieces and return any unwanted items. Do not remove any labels or wear the pieces beyond trying them on.

How do I return any unwanted pieces?

To return the product, please follow the Brand's standard returns process as communicated in the confirmation emails. Note that we do not accept returns to physical stores.

Please ensure that any returned pieces have the label, are undamaged, and unsoiled, or they will not be accepted and you will be charged.

Do I need to send my returns during the try on period?

Yes, any unwanted pieces need to be returned during the try on period. These returns do not necessarily need to be received by the warehouse during this period, but they must be sent off within this time frame. We will charge your card for the pieces kept at the end of the period (the pieces that were not returned).

Can I make a return after the try on period?

You must follow the brand's standard returns and refund policy. Please check their website for the returns window and refund policy.

When will I be charged and what for?

You will only pay for the shipping fee upfront. At the end of the try on period, we will charge your card for the pieces you decide to keep (those that have not been returned within the period). For returns made after the try on period, we will issue a refund once the items have been checked in at the warehouse. We will provide reminders throughout your try on period.

What payment methods are accepted?

Harper accepts most major credit cards and debit cards. However, American Express is only accepted for our Greater London Concierge service.

Still have questions?

We'd be happy to book a demo, answer any questions or tell you more about how retailers use Harper to drive sales and delight customers.