A seamless customer experience from beginning to end

At Harper, our mission is to create seamless customer experiences that elevate the online shopping experience. We believe that technology should enable without getting in the way. Our integrated solutions are thoughtfully designed to seamlessly blend with your brand and elevate your customer experience.

Seamless integrations with any API enabled platform

Integration Case Studies



Integration time -

1 Day

"The integration only took a matter of hours. Integrating to Shopify is simple enough without the need for support, but the Harper team made themselves available throughout the process and responded to queries quickly and efficiently"

— Shopify Commerce Cloud Partner, By Association Only


Integration time -

7 Days

"The Harper team were communicative and helpful throughout the process. Our client described the launch of the service “one of the smoothest project launches they’ve ever done”

— Adobe Commerce Partner, Limesharp


Integration time -

2.5 Weeks

“The Harper team was responsive, knowledgeable, and available to answer any questions we had with the integration. They allocated a dedicated resource to support and even helped with end-to-end testing”

— Salesforce Commerce Cloud SI, Tryzens


Integration time -

2 Days

"The integration took two days to develop and test and two hours to add the messaging to the product page and the learn more overlay."

— Shopify Commerce Cloud Partner, Blubolt

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the service be custom branded?

Yes - our goal is to help retailers create a seamless experience across all channels, from in-store to at-home. A big part of this is enhancing the visual appearance of the service, which is why we offer customizable packaging options. Instead of delivering in plain, unbranded packaging, we can customize the experience for individual brands, and even offer options like delivery in store bags or on-hanger delivery. We’ve even helped some retailers to eliminate disposable packaging from the service - a great option for retailers looking to reduce their environmental impact and appeal to environmentally-conscious customers.

How long does a typical integration take?

Whilst any integration depends on the individual technical environment of each retailer, the majority of Harper integrations take less than 1 week development time. The fastest integration was done in a matter of hours from a retailer using our Shopify plug-in. The longest integration was 3.5 weeks for a retailer integrating into a custom-built legacy tech stack. Both partners are equally happy with the service and are receiving an ROI from the work done.

Individual implementation case studies can be found in our implementation pages. We’re always happy to answer technical questions or provide a demo if you get in touch at partners@harperconcierge.com.

How is the service integrated?

The service is integrated via an API or by downloading one of our plug-ins available on Shopify, Adobe Commerce and Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Our integration team would be happy to provide a demo of the service or assist witb any integration questions and can be reached via partners@harperconcierge.com.

“I think I’ve seen the future of shopping...”

Lisa Armstrong

Fashion Director, The Telegraph

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